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  • School Safety Patrol

    The junior safety patrol is a voluntary group of crossing guards involving 4th and 5th graders helping younger students cross streets in elementary and middle schools across the United States. The official School Safety Patrol program was organized in 1920 by the American Automobile Association ...
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  • Atlanta

    With so many things to see and do, put Atlanta at the top of your list! From planes to trains to automobiles Atlanta, capital of Georgia, is a transportation hub and home of the world's busiest airport as well as home of fantastic sporting events, arts and cultural scenes...
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  • Boston

    Follow in the steps of Paul Revere and the courageous patriots who set our great nation on its path to independence, on the Boston Freedom Trail...
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  • Charleston and Savannah

    Historic preservation is a way of life in 300-year-old Charleston, which boasts over 2,000 significant buildings in its historic district. Sprawling along South Carolina's coast at the junction of two large rivers, it was an important trading port in colonial times...
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  • Chicago

    Welcome to Chicago, "City on a Lake," the country's third largest, an exciting international city with a friendly Midwestern attitude...
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  • Colonial Williamsburg

    Step back in time to see a thriving 18th century community when you visit Colonial Williamsburg and experience daily life in the colonies. Explore over 500 original and carefully reconstructed public buildings, private homes, taverns and shops, and 90 acres of gardens and greens...
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  • New York City

    New York City is one of the most popular destinations for students all over the world! Museums, concerts, history, theater, sports - New York has it all! Let your students experience it to the fullest...
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    » New York City Performing Arts
    » New York City and Boston
    » New York City and Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia

    Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and to Benjamin Franklin, as well as the site of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and of the writing of the Constitution. The Lights of Liberty Tour is a sound and light show that re-tells American Revolutionary history...
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  • Washington D.C.

    The gleaming marble buildings of our nation's government were designed by Pierre-Charles l'Enfant in 1791, as a capital city to rival those of Europe - and he succeeded. From the marble steps of the Capitol Building to the Supreme Court to the White House...
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    » Washington DC & Colonial Williamsburg
  • College Caravan New England

    One of the most difficult decisions any high school student must make concerns the choice of a college. Gathering catalogs and watching videos cannot take the place of a campus visit, which allows the students to see first-hand what they like - or don't like - about a college and the surrounding area...
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