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SeaWorld Orlando
  • SeaWorld Orlando School Trip

    The world's premier marine adventure park with 200 acres of up-close animal encounters, thrilling attractions and unforgettable performances.  At SeaWorld, vacation adventures become lifelong memories.

    SeaWorld Orlando takes groups below the surface and above their expectations, immersing them in the mysteries of the sea with up-close animal experiences, unforgettable performances and the next generation of thrills.

    Whether seeing Shamu®, feeding a sea lion or experiencing the flying roller coaster, Manta®, SeaWorld Orlando helps vacation adventures become lifelong memories.

  • Educational Courses at SeaWorld
    (All Grades)

    For the ultimate field trip, team up with a SeaWorld Instructor for either a one-hour or five-hour course that includes visits to our animal attractions or behind-the-scenes areas.

    Each program includes age-appropriate activities that are themed to our most popular subjects including conservation, training and careers.

  • Animal Sleepovers at SeaWorld
    (Grades 2-12)*

    You hardest decision will be where to spend the night: next to dolphins, manatees or beluga whales.

    Each sleepover contains age-appropriate educational content, standards-based activities and even animal encounters; plus a pizza dinner and continental breakfast.

  • Manta® - Dive Deep. Fly High.

    Manta is the next generation of SeaWorld thrills. Taking you on an extraordinary journey from "seeing to being," immersing you in the beautiful and mysterious world of rays, then taking you for a flying roller coaster thrill ride

    You'll glide, speed, soar and spin headfirst like a ray on an experience that only SeaWorld could create.

  • SoundWaves - SeaWorld Orlando's Performance Program

    Whether marching past Shamu Stadium® or performing at The Waterfront®, SeaWorld offers some of the most unique performance venues in the world.

    Your group will have the opportunity to entertain thousands of guests during an experience they wont soon forget.

  • Aquatica

    Don't miss Orlando's whimsical, one-of-a-kind waterpark featuring enclosed tube slides that send you through a lagoon of black-and-white dolphins, tranquil and rapid rivers and Omaka Rocka - an all-new water thrill ride with high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnels.

    It's the kind of waterpark that could only come from SeaWorld.

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