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Disney Youth Education Series

Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.)offers the "Ultimate Field Trip" with interactive educational classes, taught by specially trained Disney facilitators.  These hands-on, reality-based seminars transport students throughout the Walt Disney World® Theme Parks recreating classroom textbooks on the spot!  Give us a call to plan a field-based program, where students can:

  • Exploring Careers in THE ZOOLIGICAL SCIENCES
  • Principles of Animal Behaviour
  • Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation
  • Discovering Marine Life Conservation
  • Disney Leadership STrategies
  • Everyday Chemistry
  • Evolution of Technology
  • Exploring Careers in the Marine Sciences
  • Fundamentals of Photo Storytlling
  • Introduction to Global Citizenship
  • Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation
  • Discovering the American Spirit
  • Energy and Waves Physics Lab
  • How Things Move
  • Managing Your Personal Brand
  • The Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity

Your students can swirl through G-force motion to test the laws of physics, meet people and experience what life is like on the other side of the globe, and check out all kinds of careers from business to acting. They get to ring a life-size replica of the Liberty Bell and sign their own Declaration of Independence. They research the world of animals in a real, working science laboratory and in the field, test their skills in the art of animation, and so much more! Your group will remember and build upon these hands-on adventures for years to come.

World-famous attractions like Space Mountain®, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™, and Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain™ are ready to engage the playful side of your students. These and other favorite Walt Disney World® Resort attractions are all available to your Youth Group in discounted Theme Park ticket packages, so the sky's the limit for your group fun!

  • Backstage at La Nouba™ by Cirque du Soleil®

    Get a unique look into the modern-day circus at La Nouba™ by Cirque du Soleil®. Participants gain a greater appreciation of the preparation, training and support systems that create an experience that invokes the imagination, provokes the senses and evokes the emotions of people from around the world.

    Ages: 11-15

  • Disney's World of Physics: Properties of Motion

    Explore the physics concept of mechanics at select Magic Kingdom® Park attractions. This interactive program casts students into the role of Theme Park scientists as they enjoy hands-on examinations and activities of the basic properties of force, motion and gravity.

    Ages: 8-18

  • Synergy in Science

    Take an in-depth exploration of the interaction between creativity and technology. By investigating technologies at work in Epcot® attractions, students discover the magic behind entertainment technology and its application to daily life.

    Ages: 6-11

  • Disney's Leadership Excellence: The Inside Track

    Go to the head of the class, as current students become tomorrow's business leaders. Students investigate proven management strategies employed within The Walt Disney Company, see how effective leadership produces innovation and identify tactics they can adapt to help promote their own personal and professional success.

    Ages: 14-18

  • Disney Yes - World of Physics

    Disney's World of Physics: Energy and Waves

    Experience the Magic Kingdom® Park through an exploration of the science of light and sound. This interactive adventure studies select attractions to showcase the physics concepts of optics and acoustics, and their application in a real-world context.

    Ages: 8-18

  • Disney Yes - Magic Behind the Show

    Magic Behind the Show: Improv and Teamwork

    During this entertainment adventure, students participate in improvisational activities, practice and develop performance and team-building techniques, and come to know one another as members of a creative team. Using their new knowledge, they then perform a unique improvisational production.

    Ages: 11-18

  • How Things Move

    Discover the principles of how things move. This program helps young learners understand how the physical sciences contribute to powering favorite Theme Park attractions. Participants will explore the attractions at the Magic Kingdom® Park to learn about different forms of energy and the forces that push and pull machines.

    Ages: 5-8

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